dewalt-20v-max-Brushless-Hammer-Drill-Driver-Combo-Kit-with-FLEXVOLT-ADVANTAGE tool review

DeWalt 20v MAX  Drill/Driver Combo Kit w/ FLEXVOLT™ ADVANTAGE Tool Review

I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with The Home Depot through their ProSpective Program to put some new tools to the test. Each quarter I’ll be putting a few new tools to the test to see how they measure up and see if they can become part of my staple arsenal of everyday use tools!



This time around I’ll be taking a look at the DeWalt 20v MAX Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver Combo Kit w/ FLEXVOLT™ ADVANTAGE.

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Disclosure: This project contains a paid product placement by The Home Depot who generously supplied the tool(s) I’ll be reviewing today. All opinions are my own. 


6Ah Flexvolt battery

If you read my previous review, you’ll know this by now, but for those who are new, allow me to rehash.

What makes FLEXVOLT™ ADVANTAGE unique is that it is the first battery system that changes voltage with the tool you’re using. For example, you can use a FLEXVOLT™ Battery on any of the DeWalt 20V MAX tools with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE that will allow for up to 4x the runtime vs a traditional 20v DeWalt Battery AND provides the power of a corded tool when used on a 60V MAX Tool.* (according to

dewalt 20v max with flexvolt advantage

That means you have longer battery life on smaller tools when you need it AND more power on larger tools when you need that and it’s as easy as swapping the battery from one tool to the next. It’s an extremely versatile battery system providing for extreme ease of use which is something I am very interested in.

This 20V Max tool for example can be used with either a standard 20V MAX battery for small jobs OR a 60V FLEXVOLT Battery which provides for maximum versatility and power as a battery platform.

First Impressions

Right out of the box there are a few things that immediately stood out to me that I really like about these tools.

1.) Tool Weight & Size

dewalt 20v max with flexvolt advantage vs atomic drillThis drill is a significant size and weight increase over my DeWalt 20v Atomic. The beauty of the Atomic is power in a small package but it has its limitations. This drill have significantly more power when paired with the 60v battery. (DeWalt claims +40% which I tend to agree). Where the Atomic measures in at 6.3″, this one measures in at about 8″.

When paired with a standard 20v MAX battery the new drill weighs in at roughly 4.3 lbs while the Atomic weighs in around 3.125 lbs. The added weight actually helps when drilling in my opinion. If you have a good bit, you don’t have to apply as much pressure with your arm and body and it still feels well balanced.

2.) Metal Chuck (Drill)

Tdewalt 20v max with flexvolt advantage metal chuck upgradehere are few things that drive me as crazy as a poorly constructed chuck on a drill. That includes either being cheap and plastic, or that it loosens up on usage and drops the bit. Even the Atomic I own which I do like, has a plastic chuck.

I had a previous DeWalt drill several generations back that was guilty of coming loose all the time. I actually got rid of it for that exact reason. Not so with this drill! In fact the chuck cinches down extremely tight. There’s been a few times where I’ve tried to back off the chuck to release a bit (and had the drill set on 2 or 3) and if I’m not holding it super tight, it’s given me a little palm burn. I don’t consider that a bad thing by any means. It means the chuck is doing what it’s supposed to and holding strong!

3.) 3 Speed Transmission

dewalt 20v max cordless drill with flexvolt advantage 3 speed transmission reviewI know there are other DeWalt drills with a 3 Speed Transmission at this point but this is the first DeWalt drill I’ve owned with a 3 speed transmissiont. In fact, when you put this drill on 3 it flies! I actually prefer to leave it on 2 most of the time but it’s awesome to know you have the extra power when you need it. When paired with the 60v battery, this thing hums and has plenty of power to tackle big tasks like drilling holes in concrete.

dewalt 20v max impact driver with 3 speed transmission and precision drive review

In fact both the drill AND the impact driver in this kit carry the 3 speed transmission. The impact driver also has a precision drive setting which gives you complete control for driving screws.

How They Stack Up

dewalt 20v max drill with flexvolt advantage vs milwaukee fuelI’ll be honest, my go to drill and driver set have been the Milwaukee 18v Fuel set for years. I love everything about those tools and I didn’t feel like the DeWalt Atomic drill/driver set I have stacked up with them. However, that changes with this set. I feel completely comfortable reaching for either set for any projects I’m working on now.

dewalt-20v-max-Brushless-Hammer-Drill-Driver-Combo-Kit-with-FLEXVOLT-ADVANTAGEThis set comes in at $369 from Home Depot (comes with 6ah 60v battery, 20v MAX battery, charger, and bag) compared to $399 for the comparable Milwaukee set so I think you get all the upside, for a little bit of a savings. This is by far the best drill/driver combo I’ve used that is on par with the Fuel set that I love.

dewalt 20v max with flexvolt advantageYou also have the added benefit of swapping the 6ah 60v battery to the entire lineup of FLEXVOLT tools or other 20v MAX tools so you have a tremendous amount of versatility on the job site or around the house. The 20v MAX batteries you may have from previous generations of tools still work on these tools as well.


thumbs up reviewI’ve got to say that I am really pleasantly surprised by these tools. As I mentioned above, replacing my Milwaukee Fuel drill/ driver combo is not an easy task to do but I’d feel equally comfortable taking this set to any job.

I’ve yet to find any drawbacks to the tools thus far (not to say there won’t be at some point) but I think this is a great value set for the active home owner or even the professionals. If you’re just starting out or if you’re just looking for a starter set I’d say this set offers more than you’d need but if you prefer the mentality of “buy once, cry once” this set should last you for years to come.

Thanks for checking out this review. Thanks to Home Depot for providing the saw I reviewed in this content. If you’re interested in more review content, check out some of the other reviews below.

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Tool Review: DeWalt 20v MAX Circular Saw w/ FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE

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